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Will Writing

Our expert Will Writing service ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your passing. We carefully consider your unique circumstances, providing tailored advice and guidance to create a legally robust and comprehensive will.

Single Will

This is the most basic form of Will for an individual who wishes to set out what should happen to their estate after their death.

Mirror Will

Mirror Wills are chosen by couples who would like to ‘mirror’ their wishes upon death.

Revocable Life Interest Will

A Revocable Life Interest Trust Will (a RLIT Will) is a method for married couples or registered civil partners to protect the value of their property and assets. In the process it retains all the Inheritance Tax advantages of a simple arrangement.

On the death of the first person in the couple the RLIT Will creates a Trust that acts as a protective shelter for the value of the deceased’s share of assets and property. This Trust treats the surviving person as the primary beneficiary and is designed to ensure that the trust fund is applied for their benefit unless particular circumstances arise.

Asset Protection Trust

An Asset Protection Trust Will (or APT) can be used by couples who want to ring-fence assets.

If an APT Will is in place, when one partner dies their assets will not pass automatically to the surviving person but instead are held by the Trust. This ensured the assets are protected should, for example, the surviving person need long-term care or re-marry.

Non-Married Couples IHT Saving Will

For non-married couples, who want to pass their property and any assets they have to their surviving partner when they die, it is vital that the benefit of the available Inheritance Tax allowance on the death of the first person is not ‘lost’.

When one partner dies their estate is valued for Inheritance Tax purposes and their available Inheritance Tax allowance (known as the Nil Rate Band or NRB) is calculated. The value of property and assets falling in the deceased’s NRB are not taxed, whilst the remaining value is taxed at rates applicable on death (up to 40%). The current NRB is £325,000 but this can be reduced by a number of things such as significant lifetime gifts.

Power of Attorney

Prepare for the unexpected with our Power of Attorney services. Grant trusted individuals the authority to make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so. We assist in establishing Lasting Powers of Attorney for both financial affairs and health & welfare, ensuring your interests are protected.

The Care Act

Understanding the complexities of the Care Act is crucial for planning your care and support needs. Our knowledgeable team guides you through the provisions of this legislation, helping you navigate assessments, eligibility criteria, and charging guidelines to secure the appropriate care and support you require.

Discretionary Trusts

Safeguard your assets and protect beneficiaries with our Discretionary Trust solutions. Whether you have concerns about financial vulnerability, divorce, addiction, or other issues, we create tailored trusts that allow trustees to manage assets and make informed decisions for the benefit of your chosen beneficiaries.

Property Protection Trusts

Preserve your property and minimise the impact of care costs with our Property Protection Trusts. We offer expert advice on how to structure your assets to safeguard them against potential care fees, ensuring your property is protected for future generations.


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